Art Templates

The art templates are custom made to go on the bottom of all you photos. You're more than welcome to make your own and send it to us or you can have our graphics department custom make one for you. All of our packages come with a custom art design...just let us know what you would like your photos to say on them and the colors that you're using for your event. We will create the art and send you a proof via email 3-5 days before your event for your approval. If you're not satisfied, we will change it as many times as you wish to get it just right. If you would like to send us your logo, please do so in a PSD, PNG or EPS format. If you're making your own template, please make the dimensions 691 x 250 pixels. Send the completed copy in PNG format with the original PSD unlocked so we can make any adjustments if need be. Thank You.

Click on a photo to view a larger version.