We have two types of booths to choose from...an enclosed style booth or an open air style booth. The enclosed booth can fit 2-3 people comfortably and the open air can fit up to 12 people into the photo.
The enclosed booths are very nostalgic. You can choose color or black and white photos. Once you choose the color, it will take four pictures and print 2 copies of 2x6 strips after each session.
The open air booths are fairly new to the industry. These booths take four pictures as well but you have a choice of color, black and white or sepia. After the 2x6 strips are printed you can choose to have the photos send the picture to any cell phone you wish. This way you can have a library of digital photos on your mobile devise to upload to any social media platform you choose. If you have any questions about either style booth, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email.

We at San Diego Photo Booth Rentals have been in the special events industry since 2002. You can be rest assured that your special event is in good hands because we give you a 100% guarantee that everything will be "picture perfect". This is NOT a part time job to us, it's our career and we treat it as such. We take extreme pride in providing every customer with a professional "vintage style" or "open air" photo booth.  Why spend your money on an imitation booth when you can get the real deal with us?